Below are examples of some of my textile art work. This first set has been created with hand embroidery using antique, vintage and recycled fabrics and emphasises the significance of the line: almost like hand-drawn illustrations. Several pieces have been made using red/white vintage log cabin quilt blocks that I have then embellished with stitch and applique. Another piece incorporates antique lace that was given to me by an artist in York – it belonged to a relative of hers. The bright fragments of fabric appliqued on are from my collection of American feedsack fabrics, dating back to the 1920s and 1930s.

These pieces are based on a series of British nursery rhymes – can you work out which ones?!

Here are examples of a selection of my more contemporary ‘constructivist’ pieces. As you can see, these are predominantly made on the sewing machine using many fragments of fabrics joined together with stitch – I like to recycle what I can! Several pieces here were inspired by wildlife on the North York Moors as part of a 2018 exhibition at the ‘Inspired by…’ Gallery in Danby.

The images here show details from 2D work created as part of a series inspired by Russian folk art, particularly flowers and edible plants, and Russian folk tales. The Sirin piece (the bird with a woman’s head) is an example of my stitched paper work. Two pieces reference the traditional Russian ‘khokhloma’ (black lacquer work) that is a popular tourist purchase. Another two pieces show examples of 'tree of life' motifs.

Do get in touch if you are interested in any of these pieces of textile art. I take commissions for new work, exhibit around the region at least once per year and I have regular monthly stalls – see the ‘News’ section for information. Greetings cards are available for most of these designs as well as limited edition giclée prints (mounted).



– Made with in Yorkshire –

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