Bespoke Textile Art

Winifred Taylor commissions are bespoke, one-of-a-kind keepsake artworks created to order and carefully designed to your individual specification. 

They are perfect for:

-Wedding presents

Still in possession of something blue? The hem of a bridal veil? A handful of confetti? The text of a funny wedding speech? Let me create a collage of fragments and precious items from your big day.

-Christening gifts and baby items

Still undecided what to do with all those baby clothes you couldn’t bear to part with? Imagine them transformed into a picture celebrating baby’s early years. I can work with anything from the lace of a Christening gown to a favourite bib - stains optional. And since you chose the clothes in the first place, it’s guaranteed to be to your taste!

-Memorials, birthdays and anniversaries

Special gifts, photos, wrapping paper that bring a smile to your face; indeed, anything that you have been able to part with and squirreled away in a dark cupboard or bottom of the drawer. Remove them from their hiding place and let me turn them into pieces of textile art that you look at every day.


No, that doesn’t mean I take commissions from little green men. A UFO is an Un-Finished Object. You’re bound to have one. You may even have several. UFOs are any time-consuming craft project that fell by the wayside. A knitting pattern that unravelled. A quilt that wilted. Don’t throw it away! Let me give them a new lease of life as a bespoke artwork instead. Frame it. Hang it up. At last, it’s finished!

Maybe you would prefer to have a go at creating one yourself? I run keepsake art workshops in York: see the ‘News’ and ‘Workshops/talks’ sections of the website for upcoming dates or get in touch to request one.



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